OKCoin updates trading fees to address customer’s evolving needs

OKCoin updates trading fees to address customer’s evolving needs

Since launching our U.S. operations last year, OKCoin has become a leading worldwide fiat-to-crypto trading platform. We service global customers 24/7, with staff in San Francisco, Malta, London, Beijing, Hong Kong, Argentina, and the Philippines.

Fiat on-ramps are essential for opening access and encouraging mainstream cryptocurrency adoption. Our strong relationships with institutions like Silvergate, Signature, Bank Frick, and Prime Trust allow us to provide USD and EUR funding options to our users around the world.

This fiat-focus has driven user growth, increased volumes, and created healthier trading markets. In response to our users’ changing needs, we decided to update our fee schedule. After the update, OKCoin’s fees are 50% less expensive than our peers.

Starting the week of October 7th, the fee schedule will be as follows:

Our new fee schedule emphasizes our Premier program (P1 – P7 indicates Premier), available for accounts that trade in excess of $100,000 USD over 30-day periods. Premier users have access to dedicated account managers, faster fiat settlement, and product feature enhancements. For a full description of Premier benefits, please see our Premier page or contact us at [email protected].

The adjustments further incentivize liquidity provision on OKCoin. Accounts trading in excess of $10M USD over 30-day periods receive maker order rebates. As a fiat-focused exchange, we are a leader in this respect. We aim to ensure tight markets and adequate depth for active traders, institutions, and business partners. If you are a professional market maker interested in receiving additional benefits for supporting OKCoin liquidity, please contact us at [email protected].

We appreciate your support as we strive to further crypto adoption around the world.

P.S. We recently launched a new Referral Program! Available rewards include sign-up bonuses and revenue share opportunities for those who refer friends and active traders. 

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