OK Group launches blockchain talent development scheme

OK Group has launched a blockchain talent development scheme that’s expected to create hundreds of job opportunities in the blockchain industry. Known as OK Recruit, the scheme will train over 1,000 professionals in the next three years.

The new scheme is expected to create jobs in research, development and applications, the company stated. OK Group has partnered with major universities in China to facilitate the training of the professionals.

This is OK Group’s latest effort to push the adoption and development of blockchain technology, Chao Hu, the company’s vice president remarked. He told CoinGeek:

OK GROUP has been devoted to the development and commercial use of blockchain technology, and has now developed into a large-scale global blockchain technology and service provider. As a global blockchain technology enterprise, we always focus on the cultivation of industry talents. The launch of OK Recruit is an important step for us to promote the training of blockchain talents.

Hu expects the program will play a big role in promoting the mass adoption of blockchain technology.

OK Recruit will consist of three divisions: recruitment, training and recommendation. It will offer hundreds of positions at OK Group in blockchain research and application. It will also set up a special fund for blockchain training, hoping to attract top talent to the blockchain industry.

“Talent is the foundation of industry development,” Hu said.

OK Group, the operator of top global digital currency exchange OKCoin, will also extend its partnership with major universities, Hu told CoinGeek.

He stated, “As one of the earliest established blockchain enterprises in China, OK Group is a leader, explorer and promoter of global blockchain technology development. All along, OK Group has popularized the knowledge of the blockchain industry through forums and videos, strengthened the cultivation and introduction of talents by partnering with universities, and promoted blockchain industry development in all directions.”

The company has been involved in many other initiatives that seek to foster blockchain training and innovation. One of these is the Asia Pacific Innovation Center, a project the company announced in December last year. As CoinGeek reported, OK Group invested $140 million to set up the center in Hainan province, China.

The company is also behind the OK Blockchain Business School. Hu told CoinGeek, “Through the integration of industry resources, we spread blockchain knowledge to the society in various forms, such as creating high-quality science communities for the industry. Currently, various science projects are happening at OK Blockchain Business School.”

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