CG Zurich Day 3

Nouriel Roubini, Nassim Nicholas Taleb join Craig Wright on CoinGeek Zurich stage—watch Day 3 live

Day 3 of the CoinGeek Conference in Zurich promises to be even more action-packed than the first two days, with panels talking the future of digital assets, artificial intelligence on Bitcoin, blockchain-as-a-service, media perception of Bitcoin and more. One of the highlights will be the panel featuring renowned Bitcoin skeptic Nouriel Roubini and Bitcoin creator Dr. Craig Wright.

Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen will moderate several panel sessions throughout the day, including one that centers on blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) and how to create infrastructure that enables enterprise-grade BSV applications. DotWallet’s Lin Zheming and nChain’s marketing director Dominic Duffy will join him on stage.

In a separate session, Nguyen will be joined by leading researchers in the field of artificial intelligence who will talk about how blockchain is influencing the field. They will include Dr. Mohamed Al Hemairy, the head of the technology transfer office at the University of Sharjah, and Dr. Eva Porras, an honorary research collaborator at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Spain.

CoinGeek’s Chief Bitcoin Historian Kurt Wuckert Jr. will moderate a panel on what the media thinks about digital assets. Crypto AM founder James Bowater and ZDNet’s Eileen Brown will be among the panelists.

CoinGeek’s Charles Miller is also set to moderate a panel on building business applications on BSV. Rafa Seibane, the CTO and co-founder of HandCash, will be among the panelists. HandCash has continued to make building Bitcoin applications easy with its ever-improving Connect SDK.

China has continued to solidify its position as one of Bitcoin’s most vibrant communities. The BSV enterprise blockchain has especially found a great following in the country. Bitcoin Association’s Regional Manager for China Lise Li will moderate a panel on BSV blockchain in China, with DotWallet’s Lin Zheming and Bitcell Technology’s Gu Lu among the panelists.

Distinguished economist Nouriel Roubini will deliver an eagerly-awaited keynote speech in the afternoon. This will be followed by yet another keynote speech by best-selling author and risk specialist Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

The two will also join Dr. Craig Wright in a panel discussing where the real value of digital assets should come from. With Roubini and Taleb being outspoken Bitcoin critics, the panel promises to deliver one of the best exchanges of ideas and philosophies between them and Dr. Wright. Roubini and Dr. Wright have shared a stage before and after 45 minutes of a heated exchange, they managed to find a common ground.

Don’t miss out on the action-packed Day 3 at CoinGeek Zurich.

Watch the CoinGeek Zurich Day 3 live here.

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