New investment unlocks unlimited possibilities for Kronoverse

New investment unlocks unlimited possibilities for Kronoverse

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Gaming on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain is about to go to a new level. Kronoverse Corp, the indie game developer behind the CryptoFights 3D fighting game, has announced it’s secured a lead investment from Calvin Ayre, online gaming entrepreneur and founder of both the Ayre Group and CoinGeek. We reached out to Kronoverse CEO Adam Kling to ask some questions about what this means for the future of his company.

The soon to be released CryptoFights game will be a big beneficiary of the new investment. We asked what kind of game the public can look forward to. Kling responded:

“CryptoFights is influenced a lot from competitive games such as Mortal Kombat, Dota2, and Leage of Legends. Gamers should take notice because CryptoFights is a game that has real economics attached to it. You can wager on battles, you can earn items to become more powerful, sell or trade those items, replay past battles, and much more coming soon.”

Kronoverse’s platform, now built for the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain, will benefit hugely from the new partnership as well. The development team is building new solutions for eSports as well, and Ayre’s involvement will speed that up. “It has also allowed us to pursue our grand vision of creating a platform for developers to unlock incredible eSport features in their game,” Kling told us.

But what will that mean for eSports? Quite a lot, as it turns out. “The Kronoverse platform can combine the many fragmented components of the current eSports market into one unifying platform for game developers,” the CEO said. “Things such as advertising, wagering, and universal marketplaces can facilitate new economies around games that are not solely controlled by any one developer.”

Gamers will see the benefits too, with new features previously only dreamed of in the gaming world. “It can also create dynamic worlds (i.e. The gaming multiverse) that only exist with blockchain technology,” Kling explained. “Things such as evolving items where your game item has a historical identity that can evolve over time into a more powerful item or when a section of a game can only be unlocked when an event happens on the blockchain (such as when your team wins a tournament or you complete a quest).”

All of this is only possible on the BSV blockchain, where unlimited blockchain scaling is a unique reality. “BSV unlocks a lot of possibilities when you grasp what it really is,” Kling explained. “This simplifies development of many objectives depending on what you’re after.”

nChain, the chief development team behind BSV, will also collaborate with Kronoverse as part of the deal. This collaboration will give the game developers a step up on completing their work. Of the collaboration, Kling said, “We are interested in the patent portfolio and what we can utilize in our platform development. Things such as identity management, smart contracts, efficiency improvements and much more.”

Exciting new game features, and the ability to potentially wager on matches as they happen sounds like a fantastic time. This investment deal looks to be much more than just another money injection into a promising company; it will unlock possibilities that none of us could think to ask for, and it’s only possible on Bitcoin SV.

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