Need a date? Buy crypto

Need a date? Buy crypto, a company built around offering an easy way to purchase cryptocurrencies, recently conducted a dating study and found some interesting results. While the study wasn’t designed to focus on relationships, it found that more than 75% of millennials are “more likely to date someone knowledgeable about cryptocurrencies.” released the findings through a press release after surveying 1,000 consumers around the United States. The study was designed to gauge who owns cryptocurrency, how it’s being used and how individuals feel about crypto ownership.

In the study, 40% of millennials say they own crypto. Of these, twice as many men than women are current crypto holders. This is a substantial amount higher than Gen X and the Baby Boomer generation, which had 24% and 15% respective ownership. Meanwhile, 60% of all respondents who do not currently own crypto wish that they did.

Those individuals who don’t own crypto feel that buying digital currency is too difficult or confusing, keeping them away from the space. CreditCoin spokesperson Jennifer Hansen addressed this concern, saying, “Purchasing cryptocurrency at other exchanges can be technologically challenging. Cryptocurrency is undeniably here to stay so we created CreditCoin to make it possible for everyone to participate without being required to know anything about eWallets or connecting their bank account to an exchange.”

While around three-quarters of those surveyed said that they would be more inclined to date someone with knowledge on crypto, the majority indicated that an obsession with the industry would be a turn-off. Interestingly, 12% of the individuals indicated that they would rather date a non-violent felon than someone who had all their savings in crypto.

80% of respondents said that they own crypto as an investment and more than half anticipate putting a minimum of 10% of their savings into crypto within the next ten years. An overwhelming amount—75%—indicated that they want to be able to use crypto in retail stores. When surveyed for their response on what they would do with a $10,000 gift, 39% of the group said they would buy crypto, while only 33% said that they would use it for a down payment on a house. Buying a new car was even less of an attraction, with only 28% saying that the money would go to a set of wheels.

Judging by the findings, for all those lonely people who spend time on Tinder, and all the other sites looking for a date, it seems the answer is very simple—buy some crypto.

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