nChain Acquires Award-Winning Software Development Company Equaleyes

LONDON, Oct. 1, 2020 — nChain, the provider of enterprise-grade public blockchain solutions, today announces its acquisition of Equaleyes, the multi-award-winning software development firm based in Maribor, Slovenia. This acquisition is the latest move by nChain to further bolster its development arm. Earlier this year, nChain acquired CREA and became one of the world’s most powerful Bitcoin development teams. These moves, among others, show that nChain is positioning itself not only as a leading firm in blockchain development but also as the de facto leader in the enterprise and consumer-facing applications of it.

Equaleyes is a full-stack development firm with extensive knowledge of digital assets. With a focus on end-user mobile applications, Equaleyes has proven its expertise in creating intuitive software solutions that are today used by millions of monthly users. nChain sees the acquisition as a large step toward a future where the extensive benefits of open blockchain for individuals and organisations can be more accessible for everyday use.

On the acquisition and other recent moves, nChain CEO, David Washburn, said: “nChain was founded to translate the theoretical value of blockchain into practical applications for real people, real organisations and real opportunities. In the last year, we’ve seen huge appetite for our off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions. There’s no shortage of demand, and with these acquisitions, we are even better positioned to dramatically increase the supply. I’d like to welcome our new colleagues from Equaleyes, and I’m excited to show the world what we’re building together.”

Equaleyes CEO, Luka Topolovec, added: “I founded Equaleyes for one reason: impact. I believe in the power of new technologies to radically improve the human experience, but only if they can be made accessible. At Equaleyes, we’ve shown our expertise in delivering human-first solutions, and I am thrilled to join forces with nChain to build solutions to some of humanity’s most pressing challenges. Together, we will put the benefits of public blockchain in the hands of two billion people.”

Acquisition financing was provided by SKB Banka (Slovenia).

About nChain

nChain Group Holdings Ltd is a leading provider of enterprise-grade blockchain solutions, helping businesses and organisations realize and protect the value of their data. With engineering teams in the UK and Slovenia, nChain boasts one of the largest teams of blockchain developers globally and a leading portfolio of novel blockchain intellectual property. nChain is committed to helping clients maintain competitive advantage in business through more efficient management of data.

About Equaleyes

Equaleyes Solutions is a multi-award-winning software development company based in London, UK and Maribor, Slovenia that builds mobile digital products, and develops web systems with millions of monthly users.

Press Contact: Alex Paquin, [email protected]

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