Multimillion dollar CoinGeek Crime Bounty Program launches

Last month, the U.S. State Department offered rewards for tips leading to the identification of cybercriminals involved in attacks on U.S. critical infrastructure. The government’s tolerance for digital shenanigans apparently reached its limit after the recent spate of ransomware attacks directed at both public and private sector operations, most of which demanded payment in BTC.

In a similar vein, CoinGeek founder Calvin Ayre has had enough of the attacks on BSV and is willing to pay to see the perpetrators brought to justice. Ayre is personally funding a new CoinGeek Crime Bounty Program that promises substantial rewards for information that materially results in convictions for crimes committed in the BSV ecosystem. The bounty can be negotiated related to how good the tip is and Ayre expects to give millions in bounties in the years ahead.

Ayre wants to make it clear that this program is a long-term effort aimed at imposing order on a sector that has for too long been dominated by a ‘code is law’ attitude. Regulation is the sector’s only sure-fire route to long-term sustainability.

The CoinGeek Crime Bounty Program is intended to help root out the crypto criminals and clear the way for builders to finally realize the massive benefits this sector has to offer.

Individuals with any info that sheds light on the BSV network attacks are urged to submit their info to our contact us page.

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