Michael Hudson on CoinGeek Weekly Livestream episode 12: ‘Bitcoin SV is a keeper of time’

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Michael Hudson has always been intrigued by the perception of money. As a young boy, he saw that money had control over people’s emotions. “Growing up in quite a poor and unstable household, money played a very important role to happiness,” he said. That mindset drove the Bitstocks and Gravity CEO to make it his life mission to understand the concept of money while finding answers to questions like—“What is the cost of creation of money, what is money, what is it measuring?” To which later he found out that, “Labor markets are a way of measuring productivity in time.”

So how is Bitcoin integrated with time? Talking to Patrick Thompson on the CoinGeek Weekly Livestream episode 12, Hudson recalls his big aha moment after coming across Bitcoin. “I realized Bitcoin SV is a keeper of time,” he says. “I saw the clarity in Bitcoin and what it actually means to humanity, it’s a timestamp ledger.”

Captivated by its superior technology, Hudson started Bitstocks in 2014. “It’s the first real investment house designed to cater towards retail investors,” he says. And part of their work at Bitstocks is to educate investors about the benefits of Bitcoin.

With the Gravity app, Hudson aims to expand his reach to a much larger audience. “Gravity is allowing us to have a functional conversation… we take the best attributes of Bitcoin, make them invisible thus make all the best aspects of it really accessible to anybody.” The company aims to release their solvency solution this year, which Hudson says is one of transparency. In addition, they are “pushing towards personal account services and the creation of the ultimate all-in-one experience that makes the utilization of Bitcoin invisible.”

At the moment, the company is working only with BTC and BSV. “We just stay very lean on our tech focus and this is why we don’t want to support multiple other chains.” He also says “it’s easier now to be a BSV developer, there’s great infrastructure being built to help developers.”

For Hudson, the current Bitcoin ecosystem is make it challenging for entrepreneurs like him, although he admits, “It presents a better opportunity for those who have strong legs and are willing to go for the sludge,” and that he says is exactly how he’s taking it.

To conclude, Thompson asks Hudson to impart a message for the audience, to which Hudson replies with this advice: “Stay very focused to your defined core roadmap and have a good degree of forecasting in the technological evolution of BSV in the roadmap, because crypto and building in crypto is like a candy store. If you don’t walk in there knowing that you want a Snickers bar, you’re going to walk out with everything and you prevalently need to stay very focused because there will be things gleaming at you in the candy store, taking you away from your core roadmap and your core requirements as business.”

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