MetaWriter launched for the Bitcoin SV’s Metanet

Metanet is the future of the Internet. It is powered by Bitcoin SV (BSV) and allows for all online activity and data to be connected commercially while providing a permanent and immutable record of all transactions. As it is developed, it incorporates all available information, producing a reliable information-sharing system that cannot be manipulated by shills or those wishing to spread FUD (fear, uncertainty doubt). Now, adding data to Metanet is going to be much easier, thanks to MetaWriter.

nChain announced the launch of MetaWriter in a Twitter post on Wednesday, explaining it as a “simple command-line tool that lets you upload Metanet nodes.” The solution is available for everyone to review and begin to use through its GitHub repository

Using MetaWriter is easy and very straightforward. According to the GitHub page, “Nodes are created hierarchically using a name and a path. Let’s say we want to create a Metanet tree for a photo album called myalbum. We would first create the root node:

meta-writer –path /myalbum/0 “My first album”
Then let’s create a second level of the tree with a couple of chapters:
meta-writer –path /myalbum/0/0 “Family Photos” meta-writer –path /myalbum/0/1 “Wildlife”
Finally, let’s publish some family photos in to the Family Photos chapter:
meta-writer –path /myalbum/0/0/0 –file ./mum.png –type “image/png” meta-writer –path /myalbum/0/0/1 –file ./dad.jpg –type “image/jpeg” and some animal photos in to the Wildlife chapter:
meta-writer –path /myalbum/0/1/0 –file ./deer.png –type “image/png”
Please note that any valid mime-type is allowed.
All the transaction IDs that were created are stored in a file in $HOME/.meta-writer/myalbum.dat.”

Essentially, that’s all that’s needed. There are a few minor additions required to indicate target locations, but these depend on the type of data being manipulated.

Using MetaWriter requires the author to have a BSV wallet, which is easy to obtain. The developers caution of the data to be included, “Please note that the xprv in this file is the master private key of your Metanet node and is NOT the same as the funding key. The addresses derived from it will contain funds as nodes are created, and having access to this key allows you to add more nodes to this Metanet tree. Please keep this secure.”

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