What is Metatalk and why should it be used?

Metatalk review: IRC-like messaging on BSV network?

If anyone has ever experienced the need to defend himself or herself and say, “But I never said that!,” there’s a solution that will provide a great amount of relief. If you want to verify what someone else said or just keep a permanent, easy-to-find, indelible record of a conversation, there’s a solution. In keeping with the mantra that Bitcoin SV (BSV) is designed to offer real-world practical solutions on the blockchain, developers got together a few months ago and created MetaTalk, a messaging app that resides on BSV and which allows for permanent archiving of conversations.

MetaTalk is an “IRC-like messaging app on the blockchain.” It was one of the first apps to be developed following the completion of the inaugural BSV Developer Weekend Workshop in Berlin in May, and is just the beginning of what future comms channels could look like.

Accessing the site, there is only the need to enter a handle and choose a channel, just like what is seen with IRC channels. Unlike IRC channels, though, it helps to keep conversations cleaner without so much junk. Chatting on MetaTalk requires an infinitely small payment for each message sent, which is facilitating by the Money Button right on the platform. Enter the message text, slide the Money Button (tied to your Money Button account, of course) to the right and away it goes. By employing this method, MetaTalk can help reduce the amount of extraneous chatter that may otherwise appear.

MetaTalk was created, in part, by Dutch software developer Paul De Buck. He has a wide range of experience and a solid background, as well as a passion for BSV. When he attended that developer’s workshop, he walked away knowing that BSV was in a position to support the development of flexible apps with real-world implications and immediately jumped in.

Just like so much of the development currently seen in the Bitcoin ecosystem, virtually all of it is taking place on BSV. There isn’t a single project that has as many valid, workable solutions as does the BSV blockchain, and this has been made possible due to two main points. The first is that BSV is the true Bitcoin, able to conform and adhere to Satoshi’s original vision. The second is BSV’s ability to handle extremely large blocks, much larger than other blockchains said was possible. What has been seen so far is just the beginning, and more development is occurring on a daily basis.

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