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Meta’s Llama 3-powered AI chatbot pushed across social media platforms

Meta (NASDAQ: META) has rolled out the latest version of its artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, Meta AI, packed with capabilities in its quest to catch up with Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) and OpenAI.

The latest version of the AI assistant leverages Meta’s Llama 3, the most recent upgrade to its large language model (LLM), and will be compatible across the company’s social media platforms.

In its official blog post, Meta said the improved chatbot can be accessed via Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, allowing users to access real-time information without leaving the platforms. Users scrolling Facebook’s feed can use Meta AI to access specific details about a post, with the company describing the AI assistant as the most advanced free offering.

“Thanks to our latest advances with Meta Llama 3, we believe Meta AI is now the most intelligent AI assistant you can use for free – and it’s available in more countries across our apps to help you plan dinner based on what’s in your fridge, study for your test and so much more,” read the announcement.

Furthermore, users can access Meta AI’s broad functionalities outside social media platforms via a dedicated website. A cursory look reveals several capabilities ranging from generating suggestions for a weekend getaway to exam preparations and meal prep recommendations.

However, the latest version shines for its real-time image-generation qualities, an improvement from its Imagine feature. Generated images appear to be of higher resolutions with users given broad liberties to make seamless edits and text inputs.

“We’re making image generation faster, so you can create images from text in real-time using Meta AI’s Imagine feature,” said Meta. “You’ll see an image appear as you start typing—and it’ll change with every few letters typed, so you can watch Meta AI bring your vision to life.”

Apart from the changes to image generation, other Meta AI features can be accessed by users in select countries outside the United States including English-speaking nations like Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Canada, and Australia, with Meta pledging to expand coverage to a wider audience.

Betting big on AI

Meta’s latest moves reflect its lofty ambitions for the metaverse and AI, with the company predicting a massive influx of consumers into the verticals. Already, the company projects in the metaverse have seen it develop a suite of products for fitness and education while scrambling to roll out guidelines for safe AI.

Meta says it will juggle both emerging technologies while targeting the rollout of commercial applications for enterprise and SME users in the coming months. While previous experiments with digital currencies have not gone according to plan, Meta hopes that a measured approach with AI and the metaverse will result in sustained success.

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