McAfee likely caught by authorities after running for months

McAfee likely caught by authorities after running for months

The illegal activities of John McAfee, dark coin activist and candidate for U.S. President in 2020, appear to have caught up with him. In an unsurprising turn of events, it appears he’s either been detained by law enforcement after running from his crimes for months.

In a July 23 tweet, Robert Loggia, his campaign manager, posted to McAfee’s twitter account that the controversial figure had finally been caught by officials, likely somewhere in the Caribbean Sea.

What followed were several tweets describing the scene. Apparently, his boat was boarded and authorities quickly jumped on confiscating electronic devices. Loggia was on a phone call with McAfee as the arrest happened.

This run from the law started in January, 2019, when McAfee became a fugitive, running away from U.S. officials for, as he admitted openly, not paying his taxes.

This was perfectly in line with the man’s views on digital currency and politics. He promotes so called private coins due to their supposed untraceability, and runs on a libertarian platform of reducing the government to be as impotent as possible. The man does not respect the law, and admits as much.

While a more principled advocate for these kinds of causes might stay and face their accusers, trying to change society to match the image they dream of, McAfee always runs. When he suspected the CIA might recently have tried to arrest him, he went on his most recent boat trip, lacking much of a plan or supplies, and finally getting caught recently.

Loggia promises that if McAfee doesn’t surface soon, many secrets will be unveiled, an open threat to the powerful enemies McAfee has. Based on his history though, take the threat with a grain of salt. He recently threatened to reveal the “real Satoshi,” but quickly backed off the threat for no particular reason.

This is the truth of the dark coin world. Its biggest advocates are admitted criminals who rather run than fight. They offer nothing to the world and only demand what benefits them.

What the cryptocurrency industry needs are projects that respect regulation, and wish to build a new system of technology that governments, businesses and the people can all get behind, and prosper from.

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