Malta AI and Blockchain Summit Spring Addition 2019: Day 2 recap

Malta AI and Blockchain Summit Spring Addition 2019: Day 2 recap

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After a productive day one at the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit, delegates returned for their second dose of expo floor exploration, sessions, workshops and networking opportunities at the Hilton.

While the summit attracted established businesses and entrepreneurs encompassing a number of industries, the intersection of iGaming and blockchain proved to be a particularly exciting area, especially because Malta is a hub for both industries.

“My keynote today was about blockchain and gambling and in my opinion its one of the leading sectors in this space in terms of monetization and actualization and exemplification of blockchain”, Carla Maree Vella of Consultxd shared with

“This is not just said by myself, tons of key figures out there that are saying blockchain and gambling, those are going to be the key examples”, she revealed.

Vella went on to provide examples of iGaming companies that are using blockchain technology to engage consumers, while also touching on how the immutability of blockchain information takes everything one step further for iGaming.

Ganapati is an example of an iGaming company that is paving the way with its use of blockchain and in fact, they were big exhibitors at the summit and last night’s recipients of “Marketing Campaign of the Year” at the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit Awards.

“Through our work as an online slot provider we found a hole in the market that a lot of the casino users didn’t trust the sites and the operators. Now what provides trust, and what provides transparency? Blockchain!”, shared Ganapati COO Juliet Adelstein.

“So we began building our own blockchain platform that our online casino will sit on top of. Along with that, in conjunction we’ve also released a stable coin, G8C, which is a brand new form of stable coin in the iGaming industry”, she explained.

As the crypto industry matures, more and more practical uses for blockchain technology continue to make their way to the surface. Vinay Gupta, one of the early minds behind the Ethereum launch, revealed how his organization, Mattereum, is using the blockchain to track memorabilia.

“The problem that we’re solving is provenance of physical object and our first partnership is with William Shatner of Star Trek and many other series fame, to take the collectables and memorabilia and basically produce blockchain proofs that they are accurate, that they are what they are said to be and these proofs have some legal reinforcement”, Gupta shared with

“So its not just that somebody says they are real, there’s actually a financial aspect to that proof that allows you to recover value if it turns out to be a ringer. So this is new territory and we’re very pleased to have such a high profile first partner”, he added.

As the two day summit came to a close, organizer Eman Pulis shared his thoughts on the blockchain industry in general and how his events are crafted to help push the industry forward in Malta and around the globe.

“What characterizes this industry is that its moving so fast”, said Pulis.

“So after last November I thought, listen, we can’t wait another 12 months to bring those amazing people back to Malta. So we said lets wait six months and launch the spring/summer addition. So we did”, he said.

“Despite the long crypto winter, despite the bear market, despite the European Union elections happening tomorrow, we still managed to get a buzzing crowd of 5,500 people”, Pulis confirmed.

“I think what makes this show special, unlike shows in North America where you have a North American focus, its truly global. Its been the characterization of the November show, also at this show we have delegates from Asia, delegates from North America, delegates from South America, so it is truly a global show where West meets East”, he added.

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