Makers of ‘Legend of Mir’ to accept payments using Linka blockchain

Makers of ‘Legend of Mir’ to accept payments using Linka blockchain

The company behind the development of the Legend of Mir game series has reached an agreement with Linka to use their blockchain-based payment platform to accept payments from game players. In an announcement on August 29, Wemade Tree explained that under the memorandum of understanding, Linka will work with the company’s blockchain gaming platform so that they can process wallet payments through the Linka Gateway.

The Korean Economic Daily was the first to break the story of the partnership, but this was later confirmed by Linka itself. The purpose of this new partnership was designed to make it much easier for users to be able to make payments for use of the gaming platform, while also having confidence in a secure and efficient system that will protect their private and financial information.

The CEO of Wemade Tree, Suk Hwan Kim, explained in a statement: “We expect to provide our platform users with a frictionless user experience.”

Linka is the brainchild of a group of former employees at VISA, IBM, American Express, Shinhan Card, and Samsung Card. This group helped to found the first blockchain payment system in Korea and currently holds as many as 117 patents according to the group.

In addition, they have generated two of their own coins, Linka Points and Linka Tokens. Linka Points is used for payments while Linka Tokens is used as a reward for those who participate by using the payment platform.

The use of this platform will make it much easier for players of Legend of Mir to be able to process payments. This is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game, with tens of thousands of participants across the globe.

Because of its success, there have been a number of companies who have stolen their intellectual properties, generating a number of lawsuits by Wemade Tree to protect their copyright. They have also lodged a number of lawsuits against IP pirates, many of which have resulted in significant victories for the company.

If there are holes in the security of their platform, it is hoped that the use of Linka’s system will remove any potential vulnerabilities. Since Wemade Tree became the first of nine companies to use the Kakao public blockchain to operate their platform, they have had a great deal of success and have received positive reviews from game players. With such success using this technology, it only made sense that they would look to integrate their payment platform with a company using the same type of technology.

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