Ledger announces new ‘Nano X’ hardware wallet

Ledger announces new ‘Nano X’ hardware wallet

French crypto startup Ledger has unveiled their latest model, described as a “next-generation cryptocurrency wallet,” to enable users to send and receive cryptocurrency through their smartphone.

The Ledger Nano X connected to smartphones via Bluetooth technology, a step further than previous generation models which relied on micro USB to execute orders. Now, with the help of a dedicated app called Ledger Live, the process can be conducted wirelessly by Bluetooth through any smartphone handset.

The app will share the same set of features as the desktop app, allowing users to manage their transactions and balances, as well as accessing a range of other account features.

Launching the Nano X at CES 2019, CEO Eric Larchevêque said the new model would deliver “mobility and state-of-the-art security.”

“The Ledger Nano X includes all of what you loved about your Nano S, but with new and improved major feature,” he noted. “With its Bluetooth connectability and increased capacity, the Ledger Nano X provides an enhanced user experience while delivering the mobility and state-of-the-art security that customers expect from Ledger.”

With support for a total of 100 different cryptocurrency types from a pool of 1,100 supported cryptocurrencies, the upgrade will help Ledger has further cement its place as one of the hardware wallets of choice for crypto investors worldwide.

Yet while the new launch is a step forward in technology, and no doubt more convenient for some users, there remains no support for storing or transacting Bitcoin SV (BSV)—or at least, for the time being.

Given the breadth of tokens already supported by Ledger, this feels like a glaring omission, and they should be seriously looking at a BSV integration as soon as possible. With demand for BSV continuing to surge, as the only crypto true to Satoshi’s original vision of bitcoin continues to demonstrate its capacity at scale, some commentators believe there is no time like the present for Ledger to get behind an integration for BSV.

Whether that’s on the agenda for 2019 still remains unclear.

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