LATOKEN Presents “LATOKEN Widget”

LATOKEN presents “LATOKEN Widget”

LATOKEN — a Top 10 crypto exchange for mid-cap altcoins — has introduced “LATOKEN Widget”. This new feature allows website owners to offer crypto trading services to their visitors, potentially increasing the average visit time and earning up to 50% of the exchange fees.

The widget was designed with visitors in mind. Even if your visitor is not experienced in crypto trading, the widget’s intuitive design makes it easier to understand how it all works. From personal blogs to news sites, LATOKEN’s widget can be embedded in every source.

LATOKEN’s widget is also highly customizable. Website owners can pick their preferred colors and trading pairs before generating the final code. Not only they can monetize incoming traffic, but also keep users’ longer and decrease bounce rate.

This feature is now available on LATOKEN’s official website.

In other news, LATOKEN has successfully launched security token trading in a limited number of countries. Security tokens represent ownership in a real-world or traditional assets, such as equity, debt, real estate or even works of art.

LATOKEN CEO Valentin Preobrazhenskiy: “Tokens linked to real assets are the future of capital markets, as blockchain technology continues to solve the problems of custody and trades settlement. This has already allowed startups to skip VC and private equity stages and access public financing via issuance of their own currency or utility tokens. The next step for the industry is to issue and trade tokens representing equity and we are working to make it compliant for many regions”.

On September 18, LATOKEN reached the 35th position in Coinmarketcap ranking by adjusted daily trading volume and the 7th position in daily trading volume for tokens with a capitalisation less than $1 billion.


LATOKEN is a platform for multi-asset tokenization and cryptocurrency exchange. The company’s mission is to make capital markets and trading available 24/7, featuring a broader range of asset classes. LATOKEN aims to facilitate capital reallocation into promising businesses, fostering job creation with higher productivity.


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