Kurt Wuckert Jr. and Luke Rohenaz at CG Weekly Livestream

‘Kurt in Miami’ premieres on CoinGeek Weekly Livestream episode 20 with TonicPow’s Luke Rohenaz

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In a sneak peek video that debuted on this episode of CoinGeek Weekly Livestream, Kurt Wuckert Jr. takes us behind the scenes of the BTC conference held in Miami, Florida in June, where he spoke with attendees including venture capitalist Tim Draper.

The event took place a few days before the CoinGeek Conference in Switzerland. Kurt and TonicPow CEO Luke Rohenaz, also a guest on this episode, attended both conferences and compared notes about their experience between Miami and Zurich. Luke was keen to point out, there was a lack of “interesting conversations” at the BTC conference, stating that the topics were “tired” and “boring.” He tells Kurt, “I did overhear some conversations where people were talking but it’s just the same thing. The only thing that they’re talking about is the coin aspect we’ve been doing for so long now.”

YouTube video

For his part, Kurt said he saw an opportunity for the BSV camp to educate people about the blockchain’s vast capabilities. “I think the most encouraging thing was how many people I talked to who just really loved the ideas and the stuff that the BSV Blockchain is capable of giving to the world, but they don’t understand why it’s impossible on their blockchain of choice. It gives us the opportunity to show people the value of the things that we have.”

On the second part of Kurt’s Miami video, he demonstrated how NFT’s can be claimed in the real world with Omniscape—an app built on the BSV blockchain—proof that Bitcoin’s utility is not limited to just a store of value. With Omniscape, Kurt exchanged his digital pizzas and tacos for real ones. “The people at the pizza place were really curious what was going on, how I was able to bring a virtual reality pizza and make that happen,” he says. “They saw the value to their business.”

On this episode, Kurt updated his viewers about the recently concluded Dutch auction of the cork made popular on a CoinGeek TV final segment on Day 3 that was broadcasted live on the ground during the Zurich conference. Kurt announced that the cork sold for 69 BSV, which was equivalent to approximately US$8,500. The proceeds will be given to a charity soon. As for the owner of the cork, he or she has yet to make himself or herself known.

Watch how #TheCork auction went down:

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