Kronoverse joins ESIC in shared goal to increase the integrity of the esports industry

Kronoverse Inc., today announced its new membership with ESIC (Esports Integrity Commission) as part of Kronoverse’s focus on greater gaming integrity within the esports industry.

“We’re excited to be a part of ESIC and its mission to be the recognized guardian of the integrity of esports,” said Adam Kling, CEO and founder of Kronoverse. “We fully support ESIC’s work with esports stakeholders to keep high-level gaming safe, honest, and competitive. We’re fully committed to ESIC’s fight against corruption in any form and will be integrating ESIC’s integrity program into our platform.”

“It’s always exciting to see a new entrant into the esports world; particularly one with the technology and will to integrate competitive integrity into its platform from day one,” added ESIC Commissioner Ian Smith. “We are looking forward to working with Adam and the team at Kronoverse to ensure participants can completely trust the system and will know their investment of time and money is safe. It’s so gratifying to see our Codes embraced and embedded in this exciting platform and we eagerly await the launch!”

Established in 2016, ESIC is taking the lead and responsibility for disruption, prevention, investigation and prosecution of all forms of cheating, including, but not limited to, match manipulation and doping. ESIC has created its own Integrity Program that includes a clearly defined code of ethics, code of conduct, and an anti-corruption code.

Kronoverse adds value to ESIC’s mission to be the guardian of esports integrity in different ways such as the use of blockchain technology and native-cash tournaments. Kronoverse’s use of blockchain technology opens up ways for government regulators to enforce gaming standards since all actions taken in a blockchain game are public and auditable. Native-cash tournaments hosted on the Kronoverse platform also make it easier for cheaters to be caught since all matches happen within one contained network. Players are regularly screened through Kronoverse’s technology in order to build a community of ethical gamers. These steps taken by Kronoverse to improve the esports industry through greater integrity initiatives will encourage growth in the world of esports.

Kronoverse is using Bitcoin SV to build its platform due to the benefits Bitcoin SV provides to the world of esports. Bitcoin SV games are scalable since they’re less likely to bottleneck or slow down when players buy/sell/trade in-game items. Bitcoin SV games are also more transparent and open since all activity is recorded on a public ledger that’s reviewable by both gamers and developers.

With its new membership in ESIC, Kronoverse takes part in battling corruption in the esports industry while working to create a thriving gaming community for generations to come.

About Kronoverse

Founded in 2018, the Kronoverse platform is focused on increasing the integrity of the esports industry by combining blockchain technology with online gaming. Built on Bitcoin SV, Kronoverse is a monetization & technology platform that helps game developers thrive in the fast-growing esports industry. Kronoverse is developing unique solutions for the esports industry related to game integrity, permanent match playback, player audit trails, and player screening to create a new form of competition that makes esports more accessible for gamers around the world. In January 2020, Kronoverse completed its second round of beta testing for its first game CryptoFights, a skill-based strategy fighting game.

About ESIC

Established in 2016, ESIC exists to unite the industry under the shared values and visions essential to fight against corruption in any form. These values form the basis of the ESIC Program of Integrity measures. Each commission member has bought into these core principles so that, whilst many Members may be in competition with each other commercially, they are as one when it comes to protecting the sport. Each Member has signed their commitment to these Principles and ESIC will be diligent in making their regulatory ambitions for the sport a reality through the Codes and Procedures set out in its Program.

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