Keynote fintech experts of Switzerland will participate in Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland

Keynote fintech experts of Switzerland will participate in Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland

On February 21, for the first time ever Geneva will host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland dedicated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects. Participants will discuss topical trends and challenges in the industry: development, investments, implementation, and regulation.

The event is organized by Smile-Expo, organizer of major events in the industry. Among invited speakers are leading specialists in finance, investment, and IT from Switzerland and other countries. They include representatives of CERN, founders of the Swiss Crypto Valley, lawyers, economists, investors, and top executives of successful blockchain startups.

Manuel Martin Marquez is the Big Data Project Leader and Blockchain Evangelist at the European Laboratory for Nuclear Research (CERN). He is a member of several workgroups and participates in interagency projects. The topic of his presentation is “Open and transparent science powered by the blockchain”. The expert will also tell about the revolutionary blockchain project, where he is engaged together with the NASA specialists.

Gavin Smith is an expert in financial services. He has been working in the field for more than 20 years. Currently, he is a CEO at international companies First Global Credit and AICoin. Over the last four years, the speaker has been engaged in the field of the distributed ledger technologies and successfully integrates blockchain in his business. That is why Global Credit is the world’s first financial company working with cryptocurrency.

Olga Feldmeier, one of the founders of the Swiss Crypto Valley, will speak at the conference. She has huge experience of work in banking and finance and as an ICO advisor. Currently, she holds the post of CEO at SMART VALOR. At the conference, the expert will elaborate on the topic “Tokenization of assets as democratization of wealth”.

James Roy Poulter is also a professional in the sphere of finance. He is on the Forbes 30 under 30 list. Having several years of experience in the sphere of venture capital, the expert will speak on the topic “Why venture capital is dead”.

Presentation of Daniele Bernardi, Founder of PHItoken platform and CEO of DIAMAN, is also related to investments. His company develops efficient investment strategies and gets ready to launch a robotized platform to manage digital assets.

Raja Sharif, CEO of FarmaTrust blockchain project, will touch upon such a practical aspect as the implementation of blockchain in pharmacy services. The topic of his presentation is “Creating a fully transparent blockchain market for pharmaceutical companies”.

Overall, 15 speakers from Switzerland, Malta, the UK, Italy, and Israel will participate in the conference. The detailed conference program is available on the website of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland.

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