Kurt Wuckert jr. and Kevin Healy at the CoinGeek Weekly Livestream

Kevin Healy on CoinGeek Weekly Livestream episode 16: ETH not meant to write apps on

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Computer programmer and investor Kevin Healy has been publishing cryptocurrency and Bitcoin explainers on his YouTube channel in the last five years. Healy, whose earlier work includes a series of explainers about Ethereum recently released a video titled “Why I believe Craig Wright is Satoshi.” “It’s been on my mind for a long time,” he tells Kurt Wuckert Jr. in reference to making the video. “I just feel so bad for Craig, people are just not giving him the respect he deserves.”

The nearly one-hour explainer features past interview snippets of the nChain chief scientist alongside Healy’s interesting rationale. “I always had the hunch that Craig was Satoshi from the very beginning,” he says. “But it was just a matter of what am I going to use this [BSV] thing for?”

For a time, Healy was led to think that the new growth won’t happen on Bitcoin but instead would take place on Ethereum. He said his impression of Dr. Wright back then was based on what he saw and heard on social media. “I thought that he invented this thing [Bitcoin], made a bunch of money and was just satisfied with what he’d done.” It wasn’t until later that he realized that the Bitcoin inventor has been misconstrued and is actually dedicated to his work.

On this episode of CoinGeek Weekly Livestream, Healy also talked about his experience working on Ethereum. “It’s [ETH] not meant to write apps on. It’s more of this programable money thing, something to use within your app as somewhat of a subset feature.” So why build on Ethereum? According to Healy, people like to follow what other people do without conducting ‘source level research.’

He said Ethereum has better tooling but the problem is, it doesn’t scale. “On the surface, it looks really good… but if you try and develop on it and you do a little digging, it’s not really there, so it’s a lot of flashiness, but no substance in my opinion.”

Healy views the improvements made to BSV’s smart contracts—which he learned about at the CoinGeek conference in London—as a positive step forward. “Once sCrypt started getting more developed, I was able to see what I would use this for and that it was scalable.” As for Ethereum competing with BSV, Healy sees nothing like it taking place. “I see that they [ETH] are not going to do that, they just have a different agenda.”

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