Kaleido introduces full-stack marketplace for blockchain adoption

Kaleido introduces full-stack marketplace for blockchain adoption

A new startup that hopes to assist with blockchain implementation on an enterprise level has just made its job easier. In conjunction with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Kaleido has introduced the Kaleido Marketplace, which offers protocols and tools for all aspects of new blockchain projects “from the app all the way to the chain.”

According to a report by Bloomberg, Kaleido is overseen by ConsenSys and is just one of the 50 blockchain projects the group manages. Consensys has been around since 2014, having been introduced by Ethereum’s co-founder, Joe Lubin. Kaleido made its debut this past May and supports enterprise-level businesses through its Blockchain Business Cloud (BBC) platform.

The Kaleido Marketplace will function as an extension of the BBC. The company’s CEO, Steve Cerveny, explained, “The reality is only about 10 percent of an enterprise blockchain project is the blockchain itself. There are many other application, data and infrastructure components required to go into production. We knew that customers struggling to adopt blockchain needed more help than just the chain. We knew that they needed more advanced components [that were] easily deployed and pre-integrated.”

Through the marketplace, Kaleido will offer a full-stack solution, providing everything from developer tools to end user application interfaces. It will allow enterprises to quickly ramp up their blockchain solutions, allowing them to start using the technology as quickly as possible. In addition to being able to manage the blockchain network, there are tools that will also help the businesses manage their blockchain infrastructure and protocols.

Kaleido already has a number of clients, Komgo, Radiant Earth and Greenfence Consumer. The Komgo commodities platform uses the platform and has in its network a number of financial institutions, including BNP Paribas, Koch Supply & Trading, Citi, Shell, ING and Societe Generale.

Komgo CEO Souleïma Baddi added, “By building on an open blockchain system, Komgo can select from the best protocols in development across the ecosystem and use existing building blocks for an optimized solution. Now with the proof of concepts and pilots behind us, Kaleido will help us deliver production ready products for a large number of participants at a very fast pace.”

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