Joshua Henslee offers update on educating BSV community and why we must keep building

Joshua Henslee offers update on educating BSV community and why we must keep building

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One of the more widely known personalities in the BSV blockchain community, Joshua Henslee, has been educating, critiquing and drawing attention to some of the most innovative projects in the space. On his YouTube channel, Henslee recently offered an update on his content strategy, what he’s been up to and what his fans can expect from him in the near future.

On his YouTube channel, Henslee has been taking a deep dive into some of the projects making waves in the BSV world, breaking them down for viewers to understand and exploring the value they offer. While he will still produce such content, Henslee says he plans to branch out into other forms of content that he believes will resonate even better with the community.

“I’ll do more videos that will still be educational but not coding tutorials. They’ll be like ‘what’s going on with X in BSV,’ or ‘X things in BSV that are X.’ I think this will be really interesting. I don’t see anyone else doing that.”

According to Henslee, it’s only a matter of time before the BSV space starts experiencing the upside that has eluded it. Currently, especially with the price getting battered, it may not seem easy to believe, he noted, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. But for us to take BSV blockchain to the top, we have to focus on building, he observed.

“For people to be able to come in and build, that’s what we need at this point to be able to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the crypto space. We need to have new people come in and build stuff… That’s how we move up, that’s how we get more transactions, and volume and more people using BSV.”

Henslee delves into all areas of the Bitcoin SV ecosystem on his channel, from DeFi on BSV to RUN tutorials to processing your own Bitcoin transactions.

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