Jimmy Nguyen returns to his law roots at IADC event in Switzerland

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Jimmy Nguyen, one of the foremost authorities on Bitcoin SV (BSV), is the founding president of the Bitcoin Association. This week, however, Nguyen is returning to his law roots as he takes part in the upcoming International Association of Defense Counsel’s International Corporate Counsel College event. 

This event will be held near Zurich, Switzerland, and brings together the in-house counsel for law firms, looking to educate and give them the opportunity to ask questions related to issues affecting global companies.

The two-day event will occur on October 24-25, with Nguyen set to be the keynote speaker on the 24th. He will also be part of a panel discussion the following day. The panel, “Smart Contracts: Everything You Wanted to Know, but Never Dared to Ask,” will take a close examination of the various uses and applications for blockchain technology. The specific focus will be on how this technology is becoming increasingly important to companies and how that will affect the legal counsel’s office.

The moderator of the panel will be Ianika Tzankova of Tzankova Legal Consulting and Tilburg University, in Tilburg, Netherlands. Other presenters will include Flaco Kreis of CMS Hasche Sigle in Munich and Gabriela Lippe-Hoist, the co-founder and director of Acqupart Holding AG.

Nguyen, a former digital technology lawyer since the 1990s, said in a statement related to his appearance at IADC:

Blockchain and smart contracts are game-changing for the legal profession, as well as businesses in all industries. I’m excited to bring what I’ve learned in my two decades of legal experience as a partner at major U.S. law firms, along with my current work in blockchain and cryptocurrency, to this gathering of top corporate lawyers in Europe. This event also gives me the opportunity to further explain how BSV is creating a regulation-friendly ecosystem, unlike so many other cryptocurrency camps, a message which will be supported by major enterprises and their corporate lawyers.

The IADC is an event hosted by the International Corporate Counsel College. This conference is proposed as an opportunity to bring together the “in-house counsel and their advisors to gain knowledge together and spend time with others who face similar issues.”

Find out more about the IADC event here.

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