Invest in real-time financial data on the BSV blockchain: RateSV review

Invest in real-time financial data on BSV blockchain: RateSV review

The Metanet offers a superior alternative to the currently available internet, giving you the chance to own your data and get paid for its use. But because it’s still developing, the amount of data available on the Metanet is still small compared to the internet. RateSV is on a quest to change this, and what’s best about it is that it gives you the opportunity to become part of this revolution, and get paid for your efforts.

RateSV is a platform that allows you to invest in real-time financial data on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain. This data can be quite diverse, from stocks to cryptocurrencies and futures. Once you record this data on the blockchain, you get to earn for every time someone requests to use it.

RateSV allows users to become channel owners. Channels are formatted data streams that contain a certain type of data, could be stock prices, weather data, cryptocurrency prices or even Twitter and Facebook feed.

Invest in real-time financial data on the BSV blockchain: RateSV review

Each channel is in one of three states: no owner, in presale or has owner. For channels that have no owners, you can get to be the owner by submitting the first bid. For one which is in the presale phase, you can become the new owner by warding off other interested parties in a bidding war. To prevail, your bid has to be highest and with the longest time.

For channels that have owners, you can still begin bidding for them, but you can only own them after the current ownership expires. In such cases, the deadline for the bidding expires the moment the previous ownership time expires and if your bid is the highest at that time, you get to be the new owner.

Why become the owner, you ask. Well, you get to enjoy quite some privileges as the owner of the channel. The first is that you get to monetize the data in your channel. This is because the platform allows for data privatization, with the owner of a channel being the only person who holds the key to the data. Any person who requests to view the detailed version of the data in your channel must pay a fee to you in BSV.

As the channel owner, you also have the option of selling your channel at a higher price as RateSV supports ownership transfer. The more valuable the data in you channel is, the better price it can fetch you in the market. The best part about it is that even after selling your channel, your contribution to the channel will never be forgotten as all the past owners are displayed on-chain.

The RateSV team has continuously worked on improving the platform. Having recently enabled ownership transfer and the easy monetization of data, they’re set to enable a wider range of on-chain data as well as on-chain data query API for clients, making the platform easier and better to use.

Just like with many other platforms built on the only Bitcoin project that massively scales, RateSV offers immense opportunity for the Bitcoin community to earn and spend BSV. By recording data on chain, you can create an extra income stream for yourself. The best part is that the data is recorded on the superior BSV blockchain, and will always belong to you, regardless of what happens with RateSV. And if you’re seeking the best financial data, RateSV provides that for you at a very small fee, paid in BSV.

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