Introduction to nano-services set for CoinGeek Live Conference (September 30 – October 2)

September 25, 2020 – The newest evolution in blockchain technology will take centre-stage at the upcoming CoinGeek Live Conference (September 30 – October 2), when Steve Shadders, CTO at nChain and Technical Director of the Bitcoin SV Node Team, introduces the concept of nano-services and outlines potential use cases for the technology on the opening day of the event.

Nano-services are a new feature introduced as a result of a collection of updates included in the latest release of the Bitcoin SV Node software. With nano-services, payments as small as a single Satoshi (1/100,000,000th of a single Bitcoin) become a relevant economic consideration, not only facilitating the creation of new business models predicated on data-driven nano-payments, but ushering in a new era of efficiency for online transactions.

Explaining the significance of today’s announcement and his talk at the conference, Steve Shadders, CTO at nChain and Technical Director of the Bitcoin SV Node Team, commented:

‘With the latest release of the Bitcoin SV Node software, we have unlocked a host of new and innovative payment use cases, including the introduction of nano-services. The new release can facilitate sending tiny amounts of money to many different parties, where the transactions individually are so small and insignificant to the user, but collectively can be used to create revenue streams to support services that previously may not have been economically viable to provide. Never before has this been possible with Bitcoin or any other payment mechanisms. Now it’s up to the creatives and innovators among us to leverage this new capability to create unique new nano-services.’

Join us September 30 – October 2 for CoinGeek Live – a virtual blockchain conference broadcasting live from studios in New York and London. It’s free to attend, but places are limited and you must be registered. Visit for more information.

CoinGeek Live is sponsored by The Bayesian Group, Bitcoin Association, Cozen O’Connor P.C., EHR Data, NBdomain, nChain, TAAL and Omniscape.

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