India’s Zebpay sets up overseas operations

India’s Zebpay sets up overseas operations

After suspending its trading operations in India, cryptocurrency exchange Zebpay is reportedly setting its sights on “global domination.”

Zebpay has yet to make an official announcement about its overseas operations plans. However, Indiabits tweeted last week that the Indian crypto company has set up entities in Singapore and Malta, which reportedly will enable it to “provide cryptocurrency exchange and OTC services to 20 countries in Europe.”

On its website, Zebpay identified Awlencan Innovations Malta Ltd., a Maltese registered company, which owns and operates the Zebpay VFA Exchange Platform in Malta. Awlencan Innovation Pte. Ltd., meanwhile, is a Singapore-based blockchain company that was formed in May 2018.

Zebpay is planning to offer cryptocurrency exchanges services and OTC services to 20 countries in Europe, according to Indiabits. These countries include Belgium, Malta, Croatia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Finland, Denmark, France, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Sweden, Slovenia, Portugal, Poland, Netherlands, and Latvia.

Zebpay will not extend its services to restricted jurisdictions, especially those sanctioned by the United States like Iran and Venezuela. The company will also not offer its services to the customers in U.S. and Japan.

For its new operations, Zebpay stated that it would exercise strict know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering processes. All customers will be allowed to have only one account. Any accounts with same identification details will be closed.

The decision to increase its global reach comes two weeks after the company announced that it would be shutting down its cryptocurrency exchanges in India. According to reports, Zebpay closed shop in India following the Reserve Bank of India’s ban on all crypto-related businesses.

At the time, Zebpay stated that they were unable to continue their operations in India as they could not find reasonable ways to run their services without drawing the ire of the authorities. Despite being one of India’s largest cryptocurrency, the current crypto situation forced Zebpay to look for better markets. Many entities in the country have challenged the RBI ban. The matter has been taken to the Supreme Court and is yet to be resolved.

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