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Huobi Japan to list Bitcoin SV starting mid-June

Huobi Japan will be listing BSV on its trading platform in a few weeks’ time. The Japanese subsidiary of the global digital currency exchange made the announcement last week. This will make BSV available at one of the biggest digital asset markets in the world.

Huobi Japan will list BSV from mid-June, it said in an accompanying blog post. The blog added that the details on when the traders can start depositing the digital currency or placing orders would be made available in due time.

Huobi Japan is the local subsidiary of the global digital asset exchange Huobi Global which, since its founding in 2013, has risen to become one of the world’s largest. At one point, Huobi was accounting for over 60% of the global digital asset trading volume. While founded in China, it moved its operations to Singapore after the Chinese government’s crackdown on ICOs and, later, digital assets.

The listing comes at a time when BSV has continued to prove itself to be head and shoulders above any other blockchain network. Ethereum has seen its fees skyrocket after users jumped on to buy NFTs in a recent sale; Solana has suffered more outages than one would care to count; BTC still suffers from high fees and slow transactions; Ripple isn’t even a public blockchain and is in court for issuing securities.

Meanwhile, BSV has continued to set new records every other day, with its blocks getting bigger as fees go even lower. Today, Bitcoin processes more transactions than all these top blockchain networks combined at the lowest fees, showing just what massive scaling as Satoshi outlined in the whitepaper can achieve.

Huobi Japan will be on the right side of history when the dust settles, and consumers start demanding a blockchain network that can solve their day-to-day challenges. Already, we have seen so many of BSV’s biggest foes falling victim to their own misled actions, with Binance and BitMEX the two best examples so far.

As Bitcoin investor Calvin Ayre once said, it’s list or die.

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