HostingSSI now accepts BSV

HostingSSI now accepts Bitcoin SV

Bitcoin SV (BSV) adoption continues, with web hosting services provider HostingSSI being the latest company to enable BSV payments. The company, which caters to over 25 countries, will now give its users the opportunity to pay in the cryptocurrency, expanding the channels through which BSV enthusiasts can spend their tokens.

HostingSSI is a leading provider of web hosting services, cloud storage, virtual private servers, SSL certificates and domains. The company started in Venezuela and after dominating the local market, it spread out to the rest of Latin America and beyond. It currently serves clients in 27 countries, both corporate and retail.

The BSV community welcomed HostingSSI, taking to social media platforms to appreciate the newest member of the rapidly growing community.

Operating from Venezuela, the company could reap great benefits from its integration of BSV. The Venezuelan economy has been hit hard by political instability which in turn has greatly impacted the value of the local currency, the Bolivar. Millions of Venezuelans have turned to crypto during the tough times as they sought to hedge their money from escalating inflation. The government has also made an effort by launching the Petro crypto, but it has turned out to be more of a joke than a useful economic tool for the masses.

BSV payments have continued to become a reality globally. Earlier this year, fintech startup Zeux revealed that it had added BSV to its platform, allowing its users to spend BSV directly at all POS machines. The integration allowed BSV users to spend their tokens on any merchant that accepts Apple Pay or Samsung Pay.

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