Highlights from Day 3 of CoinGeek Zurich

The third day of CoinGeek’s Zurich Conference 2021 featured 3rd party numerical, confirmation that BSV is tangibly greener than BTC and a robust debate between Bitcoin sceptics Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Nouriel Roubini and Dr Craig Wright. The day also saw SEBA Bank, Germany’s SNGLR Group and IBM Global Business Services discussing how banking and digital assets can work together rather than be viewed as rivals.

Here is a quick summary of what happened earlier today:

  • Australia’s Predict Ecology MD Daniel Keane highlighted, pictorially, the ecological difference between BTC and BSV, namely: BSV 30 tonnes CO2/100,000 transactions. BTC 10,810 tonnes CO2/100,000 transactions
  • Dr Daniel Demus announces the launch of the non-profit Swiss Open Wealth Association to help modernise the private banking sector while he and IBM’s Marc Geiger agree that the banking sector have a ‘fundamental data problem’
  • Roubini and Taleb see BTC lack of scalability as rendering it useless. BSV showcased that it can handle 50,000 transactions per second

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You can enjoy all 3 days of the conference in replay. If you’d like to see the sparks fly between Roubini, Taleb, Wright and Grigg, head here.

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