Highlights GBC day two event

Highlights: Day two of BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai

As the inaugural convention continues into day two, attendees heard from industry experts on how blockchain can support the entertainment, financial services and IoT industries

Dubai 26 May, 2022 ‒ Attendees at the BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai were in for another day of informative and thought-provoking speakers covering topics involving web3, payment services, music, sports, supply chains and more. The three-day event at the Grand Hyatt Dubai is playing host to 2,000 attendees and 100 participating businesses from more than 100 countries. The in-person and virtual guests were the first to hear breaking news and announcements from companies like HandCash, nChain and more.

Through BSV Blockchain Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen, the convention introduced the first ever “Blockchain Excellence Awards,” which were given to members of BSV Global Advisory Council:

  • Latif Hadid, Chair of 5G World Alliance and President of IPv6 Forum
  • Mohamed Al Hemairy, Head of Technology Transfer Office at the University of Sharjah
  • Basim Zafar, Chairman of Experts Vision Consulting

For those who could not attend in-person or virtually but are interested in catching up on day one and day two, a recording of the entire conference and subsequent sessions are available at https://coingeek.com/.

Key highlights and announcements from the sessions include:

Fabriik unveiled its new wallet

Fabriik, a Canadian-based NFT marketplace, announced the launch of its new digital asset wallet built on the bread wallet open-source codebase. This mobile-first, self-custodial wallet was designed to complement its marketplace and B2B services, and is designed to instantly buy, sell, swap, and store the top cryptocurrencies.

In a keynote presentation to announce the new product, Fabriik COO Steve Bailey said: “This new Fabriik app is an essential hub for storing and managing crypto assets, and employing state of the art technology to power it, you can now buy, trade, and sell easily.”

Run Interactive shared insight into the future of NFTs and tokenization

Miguel Duarte from Run Interactive, a platform to build interactive apps and tokens, spoke about the anticipated evolution of tokenization from NFTs to also include further formats. On this platform, users can create “jigs,” which is an interactive object that runs on Bitcoin and are able to interact with one another. More information about jigs is available here.

QNTM Labs discussed the importance of verifying pharmaceutical processes

According to the CDC, between 10% to 30% of drugs sold in developing countries are counterfeit. Justin Ihnken, CEO & Co-founder of QNTM Labs provided insight into the urgent need to verify the production, distribution, and effects of pharmaceuticals and how blockchain can unite this data in a single place.

During the session, Justin said, “QNTM Labs has over 20 skilled people and is sitting down with the largest stakeholders in the world for leading technologies in academia, analytics, and blockchain. We now believe that we’re on the straightest path to create a level of transparency.”

Keynote Speech from Craig Wright on improving the internet with IPv6 and BSV Blockchain

Dr. Craig S. Wright, Chief Scientist at nChain closed out day two with a keynote speech on how we can achieve a better internet with IPv6 and the BSV Blockchain. Leveraging the inherent security of these platforms, Dr. Wright explained how individuals, enterprises and governments can improve privacy and accountability, without sacrificing seamless transactions or efficient data recordings.

What We’re Hearing Today

For the conference’s third and final day, guests will hear insights on topics such as blockchain’s status and adoption throughout Africa, how this technology can work within the parameters of the law and more. Day three speakers and moderators include Naeem Aslam, Nasdaq columnist and founder Zaye Consulting; Patryk Walaszczyk, Blockchain Solution Expert at IBM Consulting; Somi Arian, Founder & CEO of FemPeak; Hon. Alhaji Ali M Suraj, Office of the Vice President of Ghana; Seamus Andrew, founder and managing partner of Velitor Law with Dr. Craig Wright, taking to the stage again.

For those interested in catching the livestream, you can visit coingeek.com or CoinGeek’s YouTube channel. Day two kicks off at 10:00 am GST / 2:00 am EST.

About the BSV Global Blockchain Convention

At the Global Blockchain Convention we show how the BSV Blockchain will change the world and help people see another way to manage data, build scalable onchain solutions and achieve wonderful things. The way we do this is by creating valuable, insightful, and engaging events that educate and inform, allowing you to connect and network to build strong business relationships. Our convention is the best avenue to see new blockchain innovations, big ecosystem announcements, new product launches, technology updates, keynote speeches, panels, and fireside chats from global blockchain leaders.

Join us in Dubai, in person or on our virtual platform, May 24-26, 2022. Broadcasting live from the Grand Hyatt Dubai, the BSV Global Blockchain Convention highlights the utility and wide range of solutions only possible on the BSV Blockchain. Join us in the scaling revolution.

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