Bitcoin Association Membership Renewal Reminder

Here’s your reminder to renew your Bitcoin Association membership

As Bitcoin SV (BSV) scales to become the world’s new money, powered by a platform that is already home to a booming ecosystem of next-generation apps and start-ups, there’s never been a better time to get on board.

Bitcoin Association is the leading industry group for Bitcoin, with a mission to support businesses and developers who seek to grow with and alongside Bitcoin SV. Serving enterprises, merchants, miners, transaction processors, wallet developers and other app developers, Bitcoin Association is championing an ambitious agenda to raise the profile of and help BSV grow worldwide.

The association works by sponsoring events, providing education and resources for developers and enterprises, offering networking opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs, as well as technical work in developing, scaling and testing key BSV technologies including the BSV Node Software. But while Bitcoin Association is already working globally to raise the profile of BSV, there is still much work to be done.

Membership of Bitcoin Association provides a range of benefits to organizations, individuals and other entities. Current Bitcoin Association members have until April 30, 2021, to renew their membership in order to retain their status and ensure their place in shaping the future direction of the Bitcoin platform and BSV.

How Bitcoin Association is moving Bitcoin SV forward

Bitcoin Association works in myriad ways to advance the cause of Bitcoin SV worldwide. With the help of industry leading experts, Bitcoin Association provides training for developers to build on BSV, as well as providing opportunities for developers to test their skills in hackathons, amongst other opportunities.

Via Bitcoin Association events, there’s also the opportunity to get connected to venture investors, as well as networking alongside other industry professionals.

In its work, the Association also provides knowledge and expertise to organizations building apps and services on Bitcoin SV, as well as offering input, advice and policy guidance to governments and government agencies around the world on the benefits of adopting and developing on Bitcoin SV technology.

As part of the membership package, members can benefit from a range of support, updates, discounts and perks, as well as access to exclusive training content, including technical video tutorials and Q&As with some of the industry’s leading expert developers.

There’s also the chance to grab discount tickets to CoinGeek Conference events, highlights in the annual BSV calendar, as well as discounted access to a host of other future events in and around the Bitcoin SV space.

Bitcoin Association membership is open for everyone—whether you’re an exchange, a wallet operator, a merchant accepting BSV, a payment service provider, an application developer, or a big business wanting to develop apps and technologies on Bitcoin SV.

Becoming a member of Bitcoin Association is easy, and comes with a great deal of value—for both voting and non-voting members. And with discounts in place until the end of April, there’s never been a better time to join—or renew—your Bitcoin Association membership.

Cost of membership

Affiliates will continue to enjoy free membership in 2021 and 2022, with discounts in place for Non-Voting Members until 2022.

Non-Voting Members come in at CHF5,000 for startups or CHF2,500 for individuals in 2021, rising to CHF10,000 for startups and CHF5,000 for individuals in 2022.

Visit Bitcoin Association today and sign up for or renew your membership.

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