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Haste Arcade launches Game On developer competition

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In October, Haste Arcade announced their Game On competition to incentivize development atop their ILP (Instant Leaderboard Payout™) that took the Bitcoin SV network by storm in January 2021. Submissions have opened from November 1, ending on the last day of 2021.

As of writing, a game named Paddle Master has already been launched and submitted!

Game developers must build a game that has a leader/score board where the top players are rewarded real-time for each play. Unlike other hackathons where a few in an ivory tower judge the participants, and/or worse a product never even launches—the criteria here is quite objective.

Haste Arcade
Source: Haste Arcade

The primary factor is how much the game is actually played during the competition. Meaning there is no #soon here—developers must deliver to even be eligible for prizes which total to US$10,000 (or equivalent in BSV) and 250,00 $HST, the reward token for pro-rated plays in the Haste Arcade.

Haste Arcade
Source: Haste Arcade

Judges still do have an impact, where each judge can grant 5 points to their favorite game. Another fascinating aspect is that Player Card Holders, as well as the 24 AlphaOG Hat NFT holders are judges in addition to the Haste team. Including Haste’ top supporters in the past in influencing the future of the platform is a great way to strengthen the community and keep them engaged.

Another stark contrast to previous hackathons is that even games that do not earn a prize still get listed in the Haste Arcade where they will earn 70% revenue share on each game play. This further drives home the objective nature so that even if a game was subjectively passed over, they still have a chance to come from behind and win in the long run.

As more and more games are added to the Haste Arcade, BSV will flow into many users’ hands across the network constantly. Of course, such a model is only possible on Bitcoin as originally designed with its flexible, scalable, UTXO model. Haste implements HandCash Connect, which implements Output Bills which are denominations of BSV to more effectively manage UTXOs and preserve privacy.

For example, when a play transaction is broadcast to the network, the outputs do not simply include a single payment each to Haste, the developers, and to each player on the leaderboard. Coins are split into many more outputs such that if one observes the transaction with no context, they cannot tell who is paid how much from the play.

Haste has stated that one of the goals is to test their newly launched Haste SDK before targeting mainstream gamers and top studios. This competition not only looks to achieve that, but should attract many more users, as well as get BSV into their hands so they can continue to play in the arcade, as well as enable use and onboard them to other applications built on Bitcoin.

As a daily player, $HST, Alpha OG Hat and Player Card holder I am quite excited to see what games emerge. Check out the Haste Arcade here.

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