HandCash announces Connect and App Store to push ease of use

Bitcoin SV (BSV) has always emphasized fast and cheap payments, but one of the under-celebrated points has been its ease of use. HandCash has aggressively focused on creating the most user-friendly experience imaginable with its wallet, and the company has just announced two new initiatives to make BSV even better: Connect and the HandCash App Store.

In a Medium article posted on January 29, HandCash Connect was revealed to be the next evolution of integrating BSV payments with any interface. Through the BitCoin App SDK, developers can plug in a back-end application that will allow them to customize a user friendly Bitcoin payment experience.

They explained that they saw this as a major need in the Bitcoin world, as the only existing options were to use a button plug-in, which while they “provide time savings for apps that don’t require login, you are stuck with an off-brand slider widget that takes time to load and only works in web browsers.” Other than that, developers could learn how to code Bitcoin into their side in a do-it-yourself way, but why do that when an SDK could take care of it for you?

The SDK comes fully featured as well. Developers can quickly gain access to “an abstraction over Identity, Instant Payments, Payment Channels, Data Ownership, Data Encryption and Data Storage.” And for businesses that need to stay focus on the best user experience and building a brand, the totally customizable UI allows a seamless experience to be created.

For making Bitcoin easy to use, Connect takes care of the developer side, but HandCash wasn’t done there. They’ve also announced the HandCash App Store. The team notes that this is the place “where you can see all the apps you can connect to make money, get better content and have fun!”

Several of the top BSV applications have already signed on to the App Store, including Twetch, Agora, My Movies and Classifieds SV. The team teases that this is only the first batch too, and more businesses are planning to come on board, or build entirely for the app store, in the future.

HandCash was already one of the preferred wallet options in the BSV world, and this announcement makes them a bigger player all around. Now not only will they have one of the easiest wallets to use in the Bitcoin world, but they’ll also be offering instant connections to the top businesses in the industry, and helping to develop new ones. And thanks to their Connect SDK, customers will be able to use HandCash for even more uses.

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