HandCash and Money Button make sending Bitcoin SV easier

Across the entire cryptocurrency spectrum, sending funds from one wallet to another has been a daunting task. Users have to have a way to store addresses and remember to whom they belong, or use QR codes or copy/paste features to ensure proper delivery—unless they want to memorize the long hash addresses associated with each wallet. HandCash and Money Button are now advancing the Bitcoin ecosystem further, with the HandCash wallet supporting Money Button features. When it comes to development on the blockchain, BSV is leading the pack.

According to a tweet by HandCash CEO Alex Agut, the latest advance in Bitcoin payments is here. HandCash users can send directly to Money Button (MB) users using their MB identification, and this is only a step toward an even bigger goal. Soon, sending crypto will be as simple as entering a Paymail handle. Bitcoin SV (BSV) has already been made simpler than with any other crypto, but things are getting even easier with these advances.

Coming up in a future update will be the ability to see Paymail addresses associated with the users’ right in the app when sending payments. The feature will only be seen when sending, not when receiving. That capability, as well as the ability to send to multiple recipients at once and an “autocomplete” option, will be added as development continues.

Not only does this new arrangement make it easier to send funds, but it also makes it more secure. There have been different types of malware that are able to infiltrate the copy/paste application in computers and to subsequently replace the true transaction wallet destination with that of a hacker. By integrating Paymail and its inherent security, those days are over.

Paymail has been a part of the BSV ecosystem for a while and one of its main benefits is the ability to create identities on Bitcoin. It has already been identified as a major update to how blockchain and crypto can be utilized above and beyond simple transactions. It, along with Metanet and BSV’s large scaling capabilities, are helping to usher in an entirely new era of blockchain adoption that no other protocol has been able to even closely resemble.

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