Gibraltar launches crypto trading platform for institutional investors

With so much talk about how and when institutional money will finally enter the cryptocurrency markets, Gibraltar appears to have made a considerable step forward in this regard. The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) has managed to introduce no less than 300 retail account holders as well as a selected number of institutional participants to its platform.

GBX is a subsidiary of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange and its goal is to become one of the first licensed and regulated digital asset exchanges operating in and regulated by an EU stock exchange. It remains to be seen if and what effect Brexit and other related developments have in this regard.

The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange intends to serve institutional crypto investors and after their limited scale soft launch, no less than 300 retail account holders and several carefully screened and selected participants have been introduced to its platform.

The GBX also announced a new sponsor, Blockchain Worx joins 10 sponsors now on the network.

The select group of clients who have been invited to participate in the soft launch are being asked to provide feedback on their experience. GBX has said its goal is to develop ‘a finalized user experience’ and the feedback will be used to better assist the needs of the client.

Speaking to Banking Tech, GBX CEO Nick Cowan outlined his company’s plan to become a leading digital asset exchange and token sale platform.

“The soft launch of the platform will mean that we can continue as effectively as possible toward providing an institutional-grade token sales springboard for utility tokens and top-quality digital asset exchange for the global blockchain and trading communities,” he added.

Cowan continued by saying that GBX will work assiduously to develop an extremely robust token market and provide a high-quality service to all those who are interested in trading or desire to be listed on the exchange. He also promised transparency, fairness and efficiency on the platform which will be safe and secure.

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