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Georgia passes bill that will bring digital currency education to high schools

Young minds in the U.S. state of Georgia will soon begin to learn about digital currencies in high school. This is after the state’s House of Representatives passed a bill that calls for these schools to teach the students about financial literacy, with digital currencies being one of the areas of interest.

The bill calls for state education officials to develop the program in pursuit of “quality basic education.” It states, “The State Board of Education shall prescribe a program of study in personal financial literacy to be completed by students during high school.” Each local education board will have to implement the minimum program of study beginning in the 2021-2022 year.

It will cover 16 different areas, all pertinent to the students’ financial literacy. One of these is cryptocurrency, with the others including local tax assessments, investments such as stocks and bonds, simple contracts, state and federal laws concerning finance and money management such as saving, credit and managing debt.

The bill sailed through the lower chamber by a vote of 169-2, an indication of just how significant digital currencies, and other financial literacy matters, have become in recent times. It has now gone to the state’s Senate for further consideration.

Georgia joins a rising number of jurisdictions that are imparting digital currency and blockchain knowledge on young minds, preparing them for the future of payments. In 2020, Colombia’s capital of Bogota launched free online blockchain lessons. As CoinGeek reported, the courses seek to give the residents a better understanding of the technology and spur innovation in the South American country.

In France, the government introduced digital currency education courses to the country’s high school curriculum. The courses imparted basic knowledge about digital currencies, including Bitcoin’s future as the global payments network. It also looked at digital currencies vis-à-vis the fiat currency system, including why such systems have lost the trust of most citizens.

Aside from governments, many private institutions have taken up the responsibility of availing information about Bitcoin to the world. Winklevoss twins-owned Gemini exchange recently launched Cryptopedia, an open-access education portal.

One of the best portals to learn about Bitcoin is the Bitcoin SV Academy. The platform, which launched in December, offers meaningful, comprehensive and high-quality content that enables its users to easily learn about Bitcoin, whether they are experienced in the field or novices. The Bitcoin Association has also partnered with Saxion University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands to launch the first Bitcoin SV-focused massive open online course (MOOC), offering courses and all assessments free of charge to anyone interested in learning about Bitcoin.

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