Geoffrey Weli-Wosu and Mohammed Ibrahim Jega

Geoffrey Weli-Wosu and Mohammed Ibrahim Jega appointed as BSV Ambassadors for West and East Africa

The BSV blockchain’s Switzerland-based global industry organisation that works to advance business with the BSV blockchain, today announces that it has appointed two new BSV Ambassadors as part of its global ambassador programme. Mohammed Ibrahim Jega and Geoffrey Weli-Wosu have both been appointed as BSV Ambassadors for West and East Africa.

BSV Ambassadors are experienced professionals from the BSV ecosystem who work to raise awareness and improve understanding of the BSV blockchain and its corresponding digital currency, as well as the power of the BSV data network protocol to enable a massively scaled data and payments network distributed around the world. With today’s additions, there are now 29 BSV Ambassadors representing 30 different countries and territories.

Geoffrey Weli-Wosu and Mohammed Ibrahim Jega collaborate on several technology ventures across Africa.  They are Co-Founders of Domineum Blockchain Solutions (where Weli-Wosu also serves as CEO), which provides blockchain-as-a-service solutions built on the BSV blockchain for government and enterprise use. Domineum will be deploying blockchain solutions for government departments across Africa and through collaboration with Baze University, Domineum will be providing Credentials Verification Management on BSV Blockchain in Nigeria.

The pair also work together at VoguePay, where Weli-Wosu is Co-founder and Chief Marketing Executive and Jega is a Director and Chief Business Development Executive; VoguePay is an online payment processing company serving Africa.  In addition, Weli-Wosu serves as a director on the boards of several prominent financial and technology-related companies, and Jega, a serial tech entrepreneur, start-up mentor and blockchain advocate, Is the Founder of Startup Arewa, an ecosystem that stimulates tech entrepreneurship and fosters economic growth in Nigeria. Together, Jega and Weli-Wosu each offer decades of high-level experience in business, technology and start-up management, making them an invaluable component of the BSV blockchain ecosystem.

Speaking on today’s announcement, Founding President of BSV blockchain’s association, Jimmy Nguyen commented:

‘Both Jega and Weli-Wosu are truly passionate about the BSV blockchain and its ability to provide a platform to enable digital transformation for countries and personal empowerment for individuals from every socio-economic background. They have generously contributed their time and expertise to growing the adoption and knowledge of the BSV blockchain across Africa and around the world. In their roles as BSV Ambassadors for West and East Africa, Jega and Weli-Wosu will advocate for adoption of the BSV blockchain on the African continent and grow awareness and education of the technology throughout the region.’

Commenting on his appointment as BSV ambassador for West and East Africa, Mohammed Ibrahim Jega said:

‘The BSV blockchain has the potential to empower businesses, governments, developers and consumers across West and East Africa through its unbounded scaling and fast, cheap microtransaction capabilities. In this new role as BSV ambassador for West and East Africa, I hope to raise awareness of the role BSV blockchain can play in the digital transformation of this region, and to grow education of the technology among the many developers and young talent on the African continent.’

Speaking on his appointment as BSV ambassador for West and East Africa, Geoffrey Weli-Wosu said:

‘I am passionate about the potential for the BSV blockchain to empower people and businesses on the African continent through its creation of an accessible and scalable network for micropayments and data applications. In my new role as BSV Ambassador for West and East Africa, I will work to improve awareness of the BSV blockchain in the region and act as a touchpoint to facilitate further adoption and education that will lead to more businesses and individuals building on the BSV blockchain.’

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