Fidelity Digital Assets adding 10 blockchain, training experts

Fidelity Digital Assets adding 10 blockchain, training experts

Fidelity Digital Assets announced that they will be adding 10 new blockchain professionals to their team. This is part of a move to improve product development and design of the crypto focused branch of the major asset manager, CoinDesk reported.

Since the beginning of the week, Fidelity has posted new positions which include jobs within the leadership team, a new vice president and director. The company is also looking for leading software engineers and has wanted to add blockchain software engineers, product designers, and other IT professionals.

Some of the postings are intended to fill positions that have been available since May. This includes one of the senior vice president positions and as well as an engineer position. However, there is clearly a push to add additional members to the team.

The most senior position will be a vice president who will serve as the chief technology officer for the digital assets unit. According to the posting, this new vice president will be responsible for “design, architecture, and delivery of a new platform, maintenance of existing platforms.”

The company is looking for a software engineering lead who is familiar with several of the most essential aspects of cryptocurrencies, including platforms such as Cordia, Hyperledger Fabric, and Ethereum. This person will lead a team of anywhere from two to five engineers that will be working on blockchain based solutions for the company’s R&D unit, the Fidelity Center for Applied Technologies.

The European and Asian branches of Fidelity have already started exploring new blockchain based technology. The hope is that they can draw customers toward cryptocurrencies and have been working on developing a new trading simulator that is specifically designed to work with digital assets.

A day after the U.S. branch of Fidelity announced that they would be introducing new cryptocurrency trading services, the two international markets added their new proposal. Executive Director at Global Digital Finance, Teana Baker-Taylor, explained that the new proposal is looking to address the growing need for platforms and technology to improve traditional markets looking to incorporate digital assets.

This is why it appears that the positions Fidelity is looking to fill are primarily geared toward professionals with expertise in cryptocurrency. They have already rolled out a new digital asset custody service, which was started earlier in 2019, and have been working on developing a crypto trading service. The additional 10 employees will likely help the company to expedite its plans to become one of the leading companies in this space.

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