FBI lets QuadrigaCX victims know they haven’t been forgotten

FBI lets QuadrigaCX victims know they haven’t been forgotten

There really isn’t any new groundbreaking news for victims of the QuadrigaCX shutdown; the exchange is still bankrupt and their money is still missing. But the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) would like them to know they haven’t been forgotten, informing them in a letter that their case is still being looked into.

In a letter obtained by CoinDesk, FBI Victim Specialist Valerie Gauthier reaches out to a former customer of QuadrigaCX to provide them resources pertaining to the case. This includes an email address for questions or comments, [email protected]. However, questions about the status of the case are singled out as ones they won’t be willing to answer.

Gauthier also provides details needed to access the FBI’s Victim Notification System to stay up to date on the case, as well as a phone number to call. Finally, she asks the victim to check if their contact details are up to date in the FBI’s records, to ensure they can be reached if necessary.

The FBI started its investigation of QuadrigaCX’s shutdown in March, 2019. It announced in June of that year that they were looking for victims of the shutdown. It published questionnaire and indicated it would be doing an investigation, with the possibility of follow-up questions.

If nothing else, this email from Gauthier lets the victim’s know that somebody’s thinking about them. Canadian authorities have been busy auditing the failed exchange, not producing much in terms of compensation just yet. The last money they’ve been told they will receive was $9 million from Jennifer Robertson, widow to Gerald Cotten, QuadrigaCX’s founder.

The long months of waiting for more information may has sent some of the victims into trying to solve the case for themselves. In December, lawyers for the victims requested Cotten’s body be exhumed so they can take a look at him for themselves, and prove he really died.

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