‘Fastest-growing’ Bitcoin SV added to Bithumb Global’s list of offerings

Bithumb Global, the sister platform of South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb, has included Bitcoin SV (BSV) in its list of supported digital currencies. The coverage was added to the platform’s Main Board as of February 18, allowing users to make deposits and trade in the original Bitcoin. Following up to that announcement, CoinGeek reached out to the company to learn more about its main board and its decision to include BSV.

Bithumb Global Chief Marketing Officer Sunny Ng explained that the decision was based on the fact that “BSV is one of the fastest-growing blockchains for application development worldwide.” 

She said, “We are pleased to have BSV listed on Bithumb Global, providing our global users with a comprehensive digital asset exchange platform based on community needs.”

Adding BSV to the company’s Main Board, as it calls it, is a significant achievement. Ng says of Bithumb Global’s business model, “We have two separate classes of digital assets for our users which help in distinguishing new token listings, GEM, from market-tested and proven digital currencies, Main Board.”

BSV’s inclusion on the Main Board comes only after scrutiny of the project, and its subsequent approval by Bithumb Global to be added based on the results of that investigation. “We naturally take a liking to projects with larger community bases. Since the constant growth among BSV supporters, we’ve found it to be a perfect fit for our Main Board trading area, where other major digital currencies are traded,” added Ng.

Bithumb Global is the global arm of Bithumb Korea, one of the leading crypto exchanges in the world. It has a collective transaction volume of more than $1 trillion, and allows “every global user to trade, participate, or contribute to the digital assets ecosystem with ease.” The addition of BSV follows Bithumb Korea’s inclusion of the digital currency; however, this was limited to just crypto traders in South Korea. 

Bithumb Global was launched in 2019, and is working to offer a user-friendly crypto ecosystem that provides greater security in accordance with international standards, as well as increased liquidity. Since opening last May, it has on-boarded over one million users around the world, and has a daily trading volume that surpasses the $381-million mark. Ng adds that it is the “only exchange established in 2019 that was ranked among the top trading platforms in the world.”

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