Farmers Hen House allows customers to trace eggs via blockchain

U.S. customers can now trace the origin of the eggs they buy at the local store, from the farm to their plate. Farmers Hen House, an egg grading and distribution company, partnered with blockchain startup Bytable to allow customers to follow their eggs through the supply chain. The project seeks to bridge the gap between the farmers and the buyers in an age when consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about food safety.

Through the partnership, Farmers Hen House will now sell its eggs in cartons fitted with a QR code. Upon scanning this QR code, the consumer can reveal details about the eggs including what day they were picked, which farm they are from and where they were packed. It will also reveal details about the farmer, including his certifications. The company’s eggs are available across the United States and can be found in Target and Instacart.

In a press release announcing the new partnership, the company stated, “We want to bridge the gap between our farmers and our customers, because we know that there is a great satisfaction in knowing and trusting where and who your food comes from.  That’s why we’re one of the first companies to use blockchain technology to provide our customers with the utmost transparency.”

Blockchain technology has revolutionized the food industry as more consumers become concerned about food safety. Several large retailers have turned to blockchain solutions to make it easy to trace food across the supply chain. One company that has made great inroads into food tracing is UNISOT, a Norwegian company whose blockchain solutions are quickly gaining traction globally. Its latest product SeafoodChain is the first of its kind, tracing seafood across the entire supply chain.

Seafood is Norway’s second-largest source of revenue and accounts for over $3 billion in revenue annually for the country. With millions of transactions in the industry, UNISOT turned to the only blockchain network that can scale massively to meet user demand; Bitcoin SV. Through the company’s Product Provenance and Proof-of-Quality products, the end user can verify the authenticity and quality of the seafood he consumes in a few seconds.

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