Expert warns app promising $45 daily is a scam, steals credentials

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An application that promises its users the easiest way to make Ether online is a scam, a malware hunter has warned. The expert, who goes by Frost on Twitter, warned users of the app that they could end up being victims by installing the app.

The app, known as Bitcoin Collector, also targets victims using the website ethclick(.)live. It promises them that they can earn cryptos passively by onboarding others. On its landing page, it states:

“Making ETH online has never been easier. Unlike others here you can make money up to $200/day just by sharing your link. No registration required. We will pay you 0.3 ETH for every 100 valid visitors to your link.”

It then goes on to explain how to onboard others as well as how to cash out once the user achieves the minimum withdrawal threshold.

However, according to the malware hunter, the app is just bait that lures victims and then steals their login credentials and their money. The first trick is launching ransomware that warns the users that their device has become encrypted. The malware also loads a ransom note. Part of it reads:

“All your information (documents, databases, backups and other files) this computer was encrypted using the most cryptographic algorithms. You can only recover files using a decryptor and password, which, in turn, only we know. No system administrator in the world can solve this problem without knowing the password. In no case do not modify the files! But if you want, then make a backup. Drop us an email at the address [email protected]. You have 48 hours left. If they are not decrypted then after 48 hours they will be removed!!!”

The app also installs a Trojan that enables the cybercriminals to access the victim’s device. They can then steal the credentials, operate other applications on the device, browse a user’s history and more, all without the user’s knowledge.

According to a report by Bleeping Computer, the malware even directs you to VirusTotal, a website that checks for viruses. The link shows that the app is completely safe and free of any viruses.

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