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ExchangeRates.Pro introduces new exchange comparison, crypto buying tool

A new service that allows cryptocurrency fans to check for the best rates when selling their assets is now available. ExchangeRates.Pro gives users an easy tool to find local buyers and trading platforms and offers support for a number of coins, including Bitcoin SV (BSV), SegWitCoin (BTC) and more.

According to a press release from the platform, “Designing the user-friendly, easy to understand interface is the company priority. The goal is to create a UI [user interface] that won’t confuse every ‘complete newbie to crypto.’ Most of the visitors will find the most suitable deals right after accessing the website or after entering the desired amount. At the same time, there are a lot of options to sort and filter the offers based on payment systems or bank (there are over 300 to choose from) preferences, KYC policy, rating, etc. It’s all up to the visitor – to pick an offer precisely based on a number of details or just take the one with the best rate, the highest rating, etc.”

Users can visit the ExchangeRates.Pro website, select their country and exchange criteria (fiat to BSV, for example) and receive a list of every source available to complete the transaction. From there, reviewing rankings, pricing and forms of payments, users are able to select the best option for their needs.

CoinGeek reached out to ExchangeRates.Pro for some additional details, and its founder, Anton Vereshchagin, offered some insight on what’s in the pipeline. Since the platform is relatively new, it is still building its support database. In certain cases, for example, BSV isn’t available everywhere and “the availability of BSV-to-fiat exchange depends on the country. At the moment, we have exchanges added that allow users to buy/sell BSV with fiat in Thailand, Russia and some other countries. But, in most of the countries, it’s only possible to exchange BSV.”

In the future, additional options will be added, such as the ability to sort or filter based on different criteria. Vereshchagin explains, “We plan to add cash payments with the possibility to look in specific areas in one of the coming updates; in a few weeks most likely.”

The platform was literally just released and has a “huge to-do list.” Vereshchagin acknowledges that there are many features that need to be added that are already in the works, but that he and his team are working hard to make improvements as quickly as possible.

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