More than just the foundation for digital assets such as Bitcoin, blockchain technology is now spreading across a wave of industries beyond finance. Innovators worldwide strongly believe it will transform many more industries, including gaming, with its stable platform, scalability and unique capability to process safe instant transactions for predictable low fees.

CoinGeek Bitcade, an event for gamers hosted by gamers, showcases how blockchain is changing the way we play. Our platform welcomes you to a community of visionaries that champion next-level gaming through camaraderie enabled by interactive and engaging games.

Our activities give you the chance to earn while playing, allowing you to discover the power of micropayment technology. The event also gives you exclusive access to the Metaverse and eSports news and content.

Have fun with us, and be an early participant in blockchain gaming. Ready, set, play!

Bitcade Florida

See how gamers in Florida gather to check out the latest trends in blockchain gaming

Bitcade London

Replay gaming battles and find out who bagged the biggest prizes at Bitcade London

Bitcade Philippines

Watch highlights of Bitcade Philippines

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