Talk: A Bitcoin Cash World with Dr. Craig Wright

Talk: A Bitcoin Cash World with Dr. Craig Wright

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In the last 6 months Bitcoin has really hit the mainstream and, as a result, has seen its value sky rocket. However, the big banks have not been lying down and the original vision of Bitcoin has been corrupted and now rather than low-no fees on transactions fees are extremely high.

Bitcoin Cash forked away from the original Bitcoin in August to be in line with the original view of Bitcoin as a per-to-peer currency with very low fees. However, many of those new to Bitcoin are unaware the vital differences between Bitcoin Cash and its predecessor.

In this talk Dr. Wright will share his vision for “Bitcoin Cash World” where Bitcoin is used on a daily basis by merchants, consumers, banks, and other participants across the world’s economy. Among other things, he will explain:

  • the advantages of Bitcoin over traditional fiat currency and payment methods
  • why the newer Bitcoin Cash presents the better path to being “peer-to-peer electronic cash”
  • what steps need to be taken to achieve global adoption

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