Synchronize 2019

Synchronize 2019

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Opening Keynote Address – It’s All About the Trust

As companies move from blockchain concept to production an often overlooked question in the implementation centers around trust. What exactly do we mean by trust? What impact does trust have on blockchain? How do you ensure trust in a blockchain architecture? Learn about answers to these questions and more that will give your project the final block that it needs to go truly into production.

Pathway to Production

At Synchronize 2018 we heard from some of the world’s largest market infrastructure providers about their respective journeys toward replacing mission critical systems with DLT. Following on one year later, as those production deadlines approach, hear directly from C-level executives implementing the technology as they enter the final stretch and what your business needs to prepare for.

Business Model Change

As blockchain technology starts to become reality, it is essential that businesses move beyond their own verticals and trusted partners to create new business ecosystems. For all its opportunity and hype we can probably all agree it’s a good time to take stock of blockchain-based transformation and discuss how to best unlock the potential.

Custody and the Future of Crypto Assets

As crypto assets become considered as the asset class of the future, what infrastructural changes are required to support custodial services and what does custody and ownership even mean in the context of free flowing assets? What is missing before we will see truely mainstream institutional adoption? What additional protections and automation can be provided that simply weren’t possible before?

Synchronize Spotlight Sessions

Our afternoon sessions focus on how the application of DLT is being used to reimagine existing business processes in specific financial sectors and asset classes. With financial services being vast but interconnected, collaborative efforts – between institutions and startups, consortiums, and umbrella alliances – have led the way. The following Spotlight sessions feature speakers at the heart of these projects, many of which are soon going live.

Institutional Crypto Track

This track will explore the role that cryptoassets play in the financial services industry from a variety of angles: asset definition, futures trading, the role of trading desks, right through to the risks, benefits and role of regulation in and of institutional investment in these assets.

Bridge Between Private DLT and Public Chains

As the difference between “permissioned” and “permissionless” starts to blur, what will define a blockchain network? Will one network or vendor rule them all? Will we see a network of networks, each with different implementations and technologies? How will much will open source and standards play a role in any convergence?

Crypto: Are Regulators Ready?

As institutional adoption of cryptocurrency picks up, how are regulators adjusting to what was previously seen as a passing fad? From payments, to custody, to stablecoins and crypto-securities, what will the future look like and really how different will it be from traditional digital instruments?

The Convergence of Smart Contracts, Cloud and Machine Learning

As public cloud adoption gathers pace within financial services, what role will blockchain play in bridging clouds and on premise deployments? Can it help with a multi-cloud strategy and application portability? With the rise of machine learning and artificial intelligence, can blockchain data be leveraged to provide more efficient inputs? How do different blockchain designs lend themselves to cloud and ML?

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