London Bitcoin Cash Conference

London Bitcoin Cash Conference

About this event

The London Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Conference 2018 aims to cover the recent BCH ecosystem development in the United Kingdom. This event is a follow-up to the London Bitcoin Cash Meetup group.

The event aims to bring together any BCH merchants, users, and enthusiasts in order to nurture the local community.

We are pleased to host several speakers and live webcasts from a wide variety of Bitcoin Cash companies and projects.

Below is the speaker list:

James Howells, Founder of MiniPOS

James is an early Bitcoin adopter who once mined alongside Satoshi himself. He made the news headline back in 2013 when he lost a hard drive containing the private key to over 7,500 Bitcoins. Now, he’s making headlines with MiniPOS server, an in-store POS solution for the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

Obi Nwosu, co-founder and CEO of Coinfloor

Coinfloor is the longest established group of cryptocurrency exchanges for institutional or sophisticated investors and traders. Obi oversees the organisation’s product strategy and leads a rare group of technologists and financiers. Under Obi’s leadership since 2014, Coinfloor’s market share has grown over 5 times and the firm now handles the majority of GBP exchange volume.

Mohit Lalvani, Founder and CEO of LivQuik

LivQuik is the leading cryptocurrency wallet and payment solution company for both merchants and users in India. LivQuik was incorporated in 2012 with the vision to simplify payments for merchants and consumers in an increasingly digital world.

Ricardo Sancho, Co-Founder at Cryptartica

Ricardo started mining back in 2011, and has followed Bitcoin closely since. In 2017, eager to see Bitcoin Cash thrive for commerce, Ricardo decided to launch Cryptartica, the first provider of custom made BCH merchandise. Ricardo is also the co-organiser of the Bitcoin Cash London Meetup group.

Jose M., Founder of EatBCH

Venezuelans are struggling to make ends meet as the nation’s currency is worth less than the paper it’s printed on. EatBCH collects Bitcoin Cash donations to help feed Venezuelans who can no longer pay for food themselves.

Alex Fauvel, Fundamental Analyst at Cyber Capital

Since 2013, Alex believes that Bitcoin has the ability to limit mass scale fraud and financial catastrophes. Now, Alex is building a robust fundamental analysis method at Cyber Capital, a fund that specialises in cryptocurrency investment.

Ticket Sales:

It costs £6.00 to pay your ticket with £ here.

You can also your ticket with Bitcoin Cash, and it will cost £4.00.

To pay your ticket with BCH, go to the rocketr page:

Once you paid for your ticket(s) on either platform, you will receive a confirmation email to RSVP your spot in the conference. Get your ticket ASAP as spaces are limited.

Bitcoin Cash merchandise, treasure hunt, and raffles is available throughout the night.

The event is organised by Cryptartica and is sponsored by The Bitcoin Cash Fund and 

Media coverage during the event will be done by our media partner,

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