International Blockchain Summit BERLIN

International Blockchain Summit BERLIN

About this event


International Blockchain Summit Berlin – is a grandiose event, where 30 world known experts from technology Blockchain are meeting to share their experience in working-out interesting solutions using technology Blockchain.


– Analysis and forecasts of development of Blockchain;
– The introduction of Blockchain technology in business;
– The specifics of the own ICO in 2018;
– Cryptotrading. Who and what is manipulating the market?;
– Media & PR. How to “shoot” in the 2018 year;
– What trends and future of Blockchain, Bitcoin, ICO.


You will know how to use Blockchain in financial sphere and how earn money with help of this technology.
– How to make your status bigger with help of cryptocurrency;
– What it is ICO and how to be its participant;
– How to use cryptocurrency in your own business;
– Legal aspects of cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

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