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CoinFest started in 2013 as a relatively small gathering of 100 or so Bitcoiners, celebrating the adoption of Bitcoin at a Waves Coffee House in Vancouver.

By 2014, CoinFest was growing in popularity, and that year it took a new direction: CoinFest spread across Canada and now internationally, exemplifying the border-defying and decentralized nature of crypto.

In 2016 CryptoBatesGroup brought CoinFest to the UK for the first time. Hosted and organised by Adam Rizvi and held in Manchester, the event attracted more than 200 people. The CoinFestUK 2017 event was hosted on April 7th & 8th 2017 at the Manchester Conference Centre. The event was a great success and was very well received. We hosted 5 workshops, 19 speakers and 11 exhibitions and had visitors from around the world.

Now our CoinFestUK 2018 approaches, exciting times!


CoinFestUK hosts a range of workshops aimed at all levels of enthusiast. We have beginner bitcoin workshops, mining education workshops, trading workshops, hardware wallet workshops and ethereum token workshops


At CoinFestUK we host a range of exhibitions from a diverse range of projects and companies. Learn about projects from around the world, buy some crypto collectibles, meet new and established teams and talk to developers.


CoinFestUK host speakers from around the world. Our event isn’t focused on a particular cryptocurrency or project so hosts a diverse range of speakers covering a wide range of topics.


In-between speakers and workshops crypto focused activities will keep you busy! These will take place throughout the event.We will have a few activities announced before the event (They will be included on this site) but will also be keeping some secret for the event!


We will be hosting a range of free workshops for attendees, these will range from beginner bitcoin workshops, hardware wallet workshops, trading workshops and ethereum workshops.Our workshops will be a first come, first serve basis. Due to the number of no-shows we had at our 2017 event we will be using this system for our 2018 event. Times of the workshops have been added to the schedule section above.

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