Blockchain Workshop Geared for Women

Blockchain Workshop Geared for Women

About this event

In this two-day workshop students learn about and engage with many aspects of distributed ledger technologies including code, cryptocurrencies, tokens, and cryptoeconomics. These aspects will be examined from the disciplines of technology & code, economics, law, and education. Learning methodologies include lecture, discussion, breakout sessions and hands-on exercises both technical and non-technical. As the underpinnings of blockchains are highly technical and require intense focus to comprehend, we encourage all students to be active learners and delve into technical aspects, including trying out simple coding exercises. Technical lab exercises will be done in groups with both technical and non-technical students working together. We expect that this workshop will include a broad range of persons and will provide a rich networking environment. DLT Education’s instructors come from a variety of backgrounds, have experience with corporate and entrepreneurial education, and fare from large corporations as well as from blockchain startups. Some graduates of our programs have moved into blockchain roles at their companies, and other graduates have founded blockchain startups.

Target Audiences

This workshop is designed for executives and those seeking to shift careers; from all backgrounds and industries where blockchain technologies may have an impact, especially in the areas for financial services, insurance, health care and supply chain management. The content will be applicable to both beginning and intermediate levels. There will be a mix of technical and non-technical students. There will be both a student and a parallel instructor track. As there is a lack of women with DLT knowledge and skills, we will allow a majority of the students to be women. 

Key Goals 

After completing this course, beginning students will be able to:

• Understand leading blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLT) and the ecosystem
• Describe what are blockchain platforms, applications and the key technologies upon which to build
• Navigate a blockchain browser and cryptocurrency wallet
• Distinguish between public, private and hybrid ledgers
• Describe motivating factors behind different ledger types
• Understand basic consensus algorithms at a high level
• Describe what is a ‘smart contract’ & ‘ico’ and understand how to test them in a lab context

Instructor Track – Train The Trainer

As there is a lack of qualified blockchain instructors, DLT Education will be launching an instructor lab in parallel for those seeking to gain skills to teach these technologies. The instructor lab will commence on Wednesday afternoon and conclude late-afternoon on Saturday: May 15 – 18. Check event tickets for pricing.


If requested students and instructors who successfully complete the course will receive digital certificates of course completion.

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